G. Van Vaerenbergh
sculptor - sculpteur - Bildhauer
Gustave Bronze, platre, Zink, sculpture, Frau, Kopf, socle, Marmor, Bruessel, Signatur, Bildhauer, Kunst, Terracotta, Carli
Gustave Van Vaerenbergh (1873-1927)
  • was a sculptor, famous and well known for his female busts in early art nouveau style. (belgique "art nouveau").
  • He lived in Schaarbeek - a part of Brussels.
  • The biggest part of his oeuvre are busts of females, made in plaster (of Paris), marble, bronze, alabaster, regulé (a zinc-alloy), terracotta and some in the costly "technique chryséléphantine"
  • The range of production was rather comprehensive as could be seen from the examples below. A workshop ( Carli & frères ) with up to 20 persons were working for him, producing sculptures signed with his signature "G. Van Vaerenbergh" or "G. V. Vaerenbergh"
  • See our oeuvre-list (no oeuvre-list does exist in the literature).
  • Falsely the letter "G" of his signature was interpreted as "Georges" but it stands for "Gustave" - as mentioned in his birth document!

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